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We are excited to work with you at Sender Guides.

You might ask, what is Sender Guides about?  Sender Guides is about mentoring.

Sender Guides LLC is a Colorado based guiding ministry that is focused on mentoring future and current leaders.  Ryan Williams started Sender Guides LLC in 2102 after getting his AMGA SPI certification.  Sender Guides has a unique vision to help build relationships that have a lasting impact in a persons experience in the wilderness.  Not everyone has the same journey in life, or sees everything through the same lens.  We were not created on a factory line, and nor should we settle for experiences that are meant to get as many people through them as possible.

Our primary goal at Sender Guides is to walk along side people, helping to bring meaning and understanding to very power experiences that occur in the wilderness. Sometimes these experience are spiritual, and other times it is just fun going on an adventure with an experienced guide.



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